Waffle Weave Bath Robe Kimono Style White Color (1 pcs)

Waffle Weave Bath Robe Kimono Style White Color (1 pcs)

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Product: Bath Robe - Waffle Weave

Size: One size fits all

Content: 50% Cotton - 50% Polyester

Color: White

Features: 2 pockets and a belt, Kimono Style, Unisex

Quantity: 1 piece

Brand: Eurocale

Super Luxurious Waffle Weave bath robe, 50% cotton/50% Polyester. Kimono style, snow white, one size, fits to all, unisex, velour finish. Soft and cozy bath robes keep you warm and snug. Eurocale brand. Extra layer of warmth provides ultimate comfort. 

Standard size, fits to all, 48" long with 2 pockets and 1 belt. Robes are durable, long lasting, super soft, quick drying, super absorbent and machine washable. Perfect gift for your friends, can be personalized with embroidery on Robes. 

Mostly used in hospitality business, for hotels, motels, beach resorts, cottages, vacation rentals, short term rentals, clubs, health clubs, country club, gyms, swimming pools, massage & beauty parlors, spas, and salons.
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