White Bleach Shield Salon Towels  16x27" - Stain-Resistant, Colorfast, and Durable for Hair Salons.

86/14 Blended White Platinum Ring Spun Salon Towels 16x27" 3lbs

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Product: White Hand Towel, Ring Spun Platinum towels

Dimensions: 16x27”

Weight: 3 lbs

Content: 86% Cotton/14% Polyester

Color: White

Quantity: Choose from 1 dozen (12 pieces), 5 dozen (60 pieces) or 10 dozen (120 pieces)

Brand: Eurocale

Our White Salon Towels, 16x27" and 3 lbs., offer an ideal combination of absorbency and softness for professional salon settings. The hand towels are crafted from a cotton-polyester blend of 86% cotton and 14% polyester for maximum durability and softness on delicate facial or body areas. The Double CAM border adds that finishing touch to the stylish design of these towels. Subtly enhance your salon's look with these elegantly designed white towels while improving customer comfort.

These towels come in white, with a size of 16x27” and weight of 3 lbs to perfectly fit any client at the perfect weight. Go beyond 5-star level service with our White Salon Towels. And if you need help with stocking up, choose from one dozen (12 pieces), five dozen (60 pieces) or 10 dozen (120 pieces) when purchasing!